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Quotes Diane brings a depth of knowledge and gentleness of approach that suits my need for understanding of the physical benefits and encouragement for self-regulation as I attempt each pose- whilst remembering to breathe! Her classes are well planned and her concluding nidras are glorious. Diane is inspiring! Quotes
Caroline Miller

Quotes Diane?s class at Arjuna Ridge was my introduction to yoga, a perfect location, a wonderful teacher and a lovely group of ladies. I soon found out that I wasn?t as flexible as I thought and my balancing poses were very wobbly but there was lots of laughter and Diane?s encouragement that made her classes fun. The relaxation at the end of class left me feeling peaceful and good about myself. Thank you Diane for showing me how wonderful it is to practice yoga. -Alis Quotes

Quotes I have attended several of Diane's Sankalpa Yoga classes and found each one to be highly valuable and relaxing. Diane embodies the spirit of Yoga, teaching with a calm loving nature that enables you to go deeper into yourself, your postures and to set your intention for the class. The after effects of each class carries on into your daily life, bringing increased stamina, vitality and a REAL sense of inner peace. The power of yoga cannot be underestimated. Thank you diane for being a teacher of integrity. Quotes
Jane Anderson

Quotes Re: Stella Thanks Diane! -Stella really enjoyed the class and was noticeably more relaxed and peaceful on a Thursday afternoon! Quotes
Happy Mum