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Diane Mooy-Summers RYT350 
dip.Sankalpa Yoga

 hi, my classes combine a mix of Asana, Pranayama, Mudra and deep Nidra.

I have  an avid interest in wholistic healing and believe that Yoga incorporated into daily life facilitates all levels of health, physical, mental and spiritual. 

I know Yoga has the capacity to transform the body and the mind, bringing  health, calm, peace and positivity into your life. I know this because this has been my experience. 

Yoga gives you a place to feel at home in your body, and for a lot of people, for the first time.Yoga will offer a place to truly feel the body, to hear what the body is saying

Our bodies are contiually communicating with us, Yoga teaches us how to listen.

In class i believe encouraging individuals to participate to their best ability ,honoring our individualness, our uniqueness is what enables us to grow with grace and confidence.

Understanding that every body is different, this is how  personal development and improvement takes place, by acknowledging and appreciating that every one works at a different level and pace.

In 2010 After 20+ years of personal practice there was no ignoring the message that I was recieving to teach Yoga. After lots of investigation into Teacher Training programs I found Gaye Buckingham, founder of  College of Mind Body Spirit.
Gaye teaches   Sankalpa Yoga, which has very strong grounding in the philosophical aspects of Yoga, a strong understanding of the deeper concepts of Yoga, I knew this was the place for me and after 1 year  I had completed the 350hr Teacher Training Diploma in Sankalpa Yoga.

I am a FULL TEACHING MEMBER of The International Yoga Teachers Association... (member  No 100000242) 
Registered with the "Active After Schools Program" and is available for Children's  Yoga
Reiki  level II
Currently completing Diploma of Australian Bush Flower Healing